Equipment electric

Equipment electric

Equipment electric is produced and developed by TECHNO AC. The high intellectual potential of the company’s specialists provides successful implementation of our own instrument development program. As a result, we constantly develop and produce new types of products, including underground pipe locator equipment and underground cable locator equipment amongst many others.

In conclusion, the innovative nature of our business is confirmed by successful sales. Equipment electric is being successfully supplied to Russian domestic and worldwide foreign markets.​







Equipment electric  









Equipment electric is produced by Techno AC company. Techno AC became the winner of the competition “100 best goods of Russia”. In addition, the company became the winner of the contest “1000 best enterprises of Russia of the XXI century”. The main component of our company’s success is maximum compliance with the requirements of our customers.

It is expressed not only as the development and production of equipment. But also as the organization of free practical and educational training’s.

equipment electric


Оur goals:

Development and production of electrical equipment electric that solves customer problems effectively.

Providing high quality products and guaranteed technical support for each supplied device.

The implementation of the important customer requirements in each model of our devices.

The combination of quality, simplicity and accessibility of our  devices with a decent price.

Improving the efficiency of our devices usage by providing individual and group training for our partners and customers.

TECHNO-AC group of companies   invites the companies having experience in selling NDT equipment for cooperation. From water leak detection equipment to underground cable and pipe locators, we offer it all.  If you have skilled staff ready to study and test new devices as well as to provide  initial  service and maintenance. We can guarantee full  information   and technical support. Provide special quantity-based price discounts and free online consultations for our partners. We will be glad to discuss the possibility of establishing a service center in your country.

Finding Cable damage

Techno AC cable fault location equipment allows you to find various types of cable faults. First of all, our locators can indicate the spot where short circuit had occurred. Also they locate breakage, another insulation damage, and detect hatches.

The usage of this equipment makes it possible to diagnose cable lines. In conclusion, cable fault locators by Techno AC allow to find the place of cable damage quickly and  carry out repair work.

Finding Cable damageCable lines constantly undergo various impacts. They include: changing weather conditions, movement of tectonic plates, various man-made impacts. After a certain period, inevitable need of cable and pipe lines servicing appears. We propose different groups of equipment for solving all possible utility location tasks.


Simple and affordable device —“Success CBI-116N”.

Cable locator  “Success CBI-436N”  – More effective, with greater visual indication and potential, less affordable, more functional.

“Success CBI-309N” – The best cable locator for most types of utilities.

Finding power cable damage points

Firstly, let’s start with the fact that all known today locators – both domestic and foreign production function on the same principle — electromagnetic induction.

It means, that they all respond to electric current flowing through the utility. If there is current — we work in a passive mode (receiver only, no transmitter). If there is no current – we create it with transmitter. We can say that any locator can work and seek the utilities with equal results.

However, sometimes, in the field, everything becomes much more difficult. And the slightest advantages of the device allow more effectively solve practical problems.

Most requested Equipment electric

The biggest demand is on the devices that allow to work both in active and in passive mode. That requires the presence of 2-3 active frequencies both in receiver and transmitter. Currently, these features are available at FM series of devices manufactured:

by Seba KMT (Germany),

RD Radiodetection (United Kingdom),

PL FUJI TECOM inc., (Japan).

«Success» series by TECHNO-AC company. Cable locators, as a rule, have high operational heterodyne receiver that provides high noise immunity and sensitivity. It also gives an opportunity to work in conditions of strong external interference. With a weak signal level (detection depth up to 10 m) and increases the chances of success in saturated utility areas.

Finding problems

The Problem mentioned above has a great impact because sometimes something is going on in the ground unimaginable: dozens of years the utilities had been laying in the ground.In most cases, utility schemes are missing, and now there is big problem raised. It is very difficult to dig the ground without damaging some utility company cable or pipe.

Using 2-3 operating frequencies of the transmitter for the «active» cable location with built-in inductive antenna allows to locate the cable without being directly connected to it. Such instruments use high frequency 8 kHz and above.

TECHNO-AC distributes its cable and pipe locators in 21 countries now.

However, we have not built our sales network in many regions yet.

We are now looking for dealers all over the world. In order to build a solid TECHNO-AC representation network for our cable locators and water leak detectors.

What can we offer to our dealer?
  1. Distributor pricing for all our products;
  2. We provide all full information support to our dealers;
  3. Online and offline dealer training;
  4. We can also participate in local events. (exhibitions, seminars, etc.). In order to help our dealers promote our instruments.

Today “TECHNO-AC” is a group of companies, developing, producing and distributing. Its own designed non-destructive testing instruments. Basic direction of our work is cable & pipe locators and water leak detection equipment.

Our specialists developed our own multi-level quality control system. It allows to eliminate product flaws at all steps of production.

Additional control of quality is achieved due to the integration of lean manufacturing principles.

Our company is also GOST R ISO 9001-2015 certified.

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