Water Leak Detection Equipment

Water leak detection equipment it is equipment for searching leakage in underground pipelines. Also, some models of such equipment allow to find a route of metal and non-metallic pipes.

The basis of any underground water line detector set is one of the two receivers below

Water leak “AT-407N” WATER LEAK “ATG-435.15N” ATG-435.15N

A table below can help you select the model.


The main element of any water line detector by Techno AC is acoustic sensor AD-227. It is multifunctional ground microphone with attachable extension rods. And handles for more comfortable operation on soft types of soil.

Every water leak detector set by Techno AC includes all necessary plastic plug screws to protect threads and holes from dust and water. Adjustable handle of sensor wire allows you to choose the position of sensor in accordance with your height. Supplied magnet allows to inspect metal pipes and valves directly. After finishing the location, the accessories leaking water should be removed and the plugs should be placed back.


Sensor sensitive element  is situated at its bottom (base). Base includes sensing element, electronics and diaphragm made of sound-proof rubber. Also base is protected from external noise with safety cuff. Overall design of the sensor reduces the distortion from external noise. Moreover, it prevents mechanical damage of sensor body.

Best protection from external noise is provided when while working with sensor, the sensor’s base cuff is placed fully against the surface. Some elements of sensor are made of rubber. That is why it is restricted to clean the sensor with sharp tools. It is also restricted to bash water leak detection sensor over hard surfaces in order to clean it off the dirt. In order to clean the sensor rinse some water on it.

We produce these devices, in compliance with most international requirements. Additional control of quality is achieved due to the integration of lean manufacturing principles.


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